Vanguard Academy Enrollment Forum

With enrollment approaching for secondary students, the Vanguard Academy of Broken Arrow (the district’s state-of-the-art STEM facility) is hosting a number of informational forums for current 8th graders and their families. Watch tonight’s forum LIVE on ArrowVision or attend the final one next week on the 15th.

“The Vanguard Academy is ideal for students who seek opportunities to follow their passions, strive to help people and the world become better versions of themselves, and crave an active learning environment,” Vanguard Director Jason Jedamski said. “The Vanguard Academy provides innovators (that’s what we call students) with educational experiences that are interdisciplinary and competency based while infusing a high degree of student voice and community engagement.”

The Vanguard Academy includes a number of labs, a makerspace, a workshop, a build shop, numerous outdoor classrooms and more. In addition, the vocational agriculture center will include animal pens and show barns for those students pursuing careers in agricultural production, agribusiness and other agricultural related occupations.

Vanguard offers two full-time programs and one part-time program for students in grades 9-12. Full-time programs are application based and admission opportunities are limited to incoming 9th grade students. Part-time programs do not require an application, and students can select electives at Vanguard during enrollment. Please contact Jason Jedamski at [email protected] for more information.